Ligthweight and ergonomic

Beretta - Px4 StormBeretta - Px4 Storm

Tecnhnopolymer frame

By using corrosion-resistant technopolymer reinforced fiberglass, Beretta has developed a light and technically advanced pistol with an extremely modern, ergonomic line. The rounded, snag free surfaces of the pistol ensure trouble-free insertion and holster extraction.  The rounded trigger guard ensures, correct hand firing position
The pistol comes with a standard Picatinny rail (MIL STD 1913) under the barrel for convenient mounting of a laser device, flashlight or other type of accessory.

Beretta - Px4 Storm Beretta - Px4 Storm
Beretta - Px4 Storm

Reversible and interchangeable magazine release button

The newly designed magazine release button can be mounted on either side depending on shooter preference. The standard button (small) can be easily replaced by either the Large or Combat (Extended size) button.

Beretta - Px4 Storm

Interchangable slide catch

The slide catch may be replaced with the low profile configuration (slim type).

Removable and interchangeable hammer unit mechanism

The hammer mechanism of the Px4 Storm pistol has been designed as an independent group that can be extracted from the frame without the use of special tools. Removal of the hammer unit mechanism allows an easy access to the firing mechanism for cleaning and special maintenance purposes. When necessary, the hammer mechanism can even be removed in the field by qualified personnel.
Beretta - Px4 Storm