Technical Data

Px4 Storm Full
Type F, Type G

Type F

 Caliber (Parabellum or Luger)
.40 S&W

45 ACP

 Magazine Capacity (rounds)*


 Rifling Pitch
250 mm/9.84 inch
400 mm/15.7 inch

406 mm/15.9 inch

R.H., 6 grooves.
 General Operation
Semiautomatic, short recoil of barrel.
 Locking System
Locked-breech, with rotating barrel.
Front sight and rear sight on the slide. Removable.
Reinforced fiberglass technopolymer.
Steel, sandblasted, phosphatized and Bruniton coated.
Steel, sandblasted and blued. Internally chromium-plated.
 Sight Radius

146 mm/5.75 inch

146 mm/5.75 inch

149 mm/5.8706 inch

 Weight Unloaded with
 empty magazine

785 gr, approx./27.7 oz

785 gr, approx./27.7 oz

800 gr, approx./28.2 oz

Px4Storm Compact
Px4Storm Sub Compact
 Caliber 9mmx19/.40 S&W
 Overall Length


 Overall Height 5.0' 4.8'
 Barrel Length 3.2' 3.0'
 Sight Radius 5.2' 4.5'
 Overall Width


 Grip Width


 Weight Unloaded



 Magazine Capacity*

15/12 rounds

13/10 rounds

Type F
Type G
 Action  Single/double   Single/double
 Hammer   External   External 
 Safety   Manual with hammer
 de-cocking function.
 Automatic firing pin block.
Lever with hammer
de-cocking function only.
Automatic firing pin block.
 Overall Length

7.55 inch / 192 mm

 Barrel Length

4.00 inch / 102 mm

 Overall Width

1.42 inch / 36 mm

 Grip Width

1.18 inch / 30 mm

 Overall Height

5.51 inch/ 140 mm

*Consult local authorities for magazine capacity restrictions that may apply in your locale.